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Real Estate Radio Network

The Real Estate Radio Network® is a nationwide alliance of real estate related professionals with a common objective: delivering the timely truth about local Real Estate Markets over local radio stations. It’s not only a unique way for honest professionals to deliver the Truth about a local marketplace to it’s residents, but also a strongly connected group of persevering individuals.

These individuals, our Hosts, believe in something greater than just a ‘transaction with the Consumer’. They share a common vision of creating a Forum for ALL to get priceless information absolutely Free on local radio stations. We help local business owners who provide excellent service with a great reputation the means necessary to bring their knowledge to the public in a way that is not only cost-effective, but also incredibly personal and private at the same time.

In listening to our Programs, there is a common theme evident…genuine. There is no sales pitch here. It’s all about helping YOU make informed decisions and we won’t stop until every market in this country has a portal to deliver this Truth about the local marketplace.

Ron Quintero, Co-Founder and CEO
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