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Probate, Here’s Why You Might Want To Avoid The P Word

Simply put, probate rarely benefits the beneficiaries. Ok it’s not that simple, but it is accurate. Why? Probate costs people time and money. I see it all the time. So much so in fact, that part of my business is helping executors to sell property that’s in probate. It’s that big of a hassle. Once property and other assets are locked up in the system it’s hard to say how long it will take to go through the process. Let’s take a deeper look at probate to understand where the challenges lie.

What is Probate?

Probate is an automatic legal...

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Preventing Elder Abuse: Don’t Let the Little Things Become Big Things

Elder abuse is a topic I’ve discussed many times on webinars, phone conferences, in coaching sessions, while teaching in classrooms and when sitting with real estate clients and their family members. Simply put, it affects all of us and like all other social and health problems plaguing our society, it’s much better to be proactive than reactive. With that in mind, today is all about practical things both you and your family members can do to prevent elder abuse.

Get the Word Out 

Education is the silver bullet in the fight to prevent elder abuse. Gather as much credible information...

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The State of the Housing Market: Why Is It So Difficult To Find A House?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s getting more and more difficult to find an affordable house. In fact, in many cases it’s difficult to find any house. One of the biggest complaints I hear from buyer agents in my office is that there aren’t enough homes on the market. I totally get it. I am both a listing agent and a buyer’s agent and I can tell you that when I list a property it goes fast. It’s no longer a question of a property sitting too long on the market as long as the seller is reasonable about the value...

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A Practical Guide For Healthy Aging

My personal experience with aging has been both inspiring and challenging. Sometimes I feel like I will be climbing mountains at 90 and other times, not so much. Such is the nature of aging and staying healthy right? What if there were things that we can do at any age to help us feel our most vibrant and what if these things were easy and accessible? This is my mission this week. To uncover for all of our sakes, a simple process we can use to improve our quality of life. Sound good?

Here’s the first thing I learned about staying...

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The New Tax Bill Could Devastate Home Prices In California

Today, we have urgent business to discuss. This is something that I promise will affect every homeowner in California. I’m talking about the new tax bill that was just signed intolaw before the holidays. Now please understand me here. If I sound like I’m concerned, it’s because I am. I’m concerned for our community and I want to help. I’m not making any type of commentary on anything other than how this bill specifically affects our local homeowners and, of course, my Real Estate clients. Here’s what we know so far.

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Depression: Know the Warning Signs In Your Aging Loved One

Let me start by saying that depression is way more common that people realize. This is important, because chances are your aging loved one won’t even know whether they’re battling depression or not. I’ve seen it many times before. Even more upsetting is that when they do recognize that something is wrong they are too ashamed to tell anyone. So let me be clear, there is NO shame in suffering from depression. Today, let’s not just discuss the causes of depression, but the warning signs. Perhaps if we learn to see it coming we can put practical tools in...

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A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle as an Aging Adult

In our busy hustle and bustle lifestyle of today there is a tendency toward thinking that life is short and in a sense it is. This doesn’t mean however, that you don’t need to prepare for how you want to live as an aging adult. Think about it. The average lifespan is between 78 and 80 years old. It’s very possible that we will have 15 years of time to fill in retirement and yet, so many of us put off decisions that should be made about how we want to spend our extra time on earth. Do you want...

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Managing An Aging Adults Investments

I truly understand the financial challenges facing aging adults. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the housing bubble burst and the whole economy went down with it. I remember watching friends and family losing their houses, their portfolios and their hopes for retirement. I even remember friends coming out of retirement and getting back into the workforce because they had no choice. For these reasons among many others, today I want to talk about a few effective ways you can help manage an aging loved ones investments so that they might feel secure.

Income First

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How To Downsize A Home: A Caregiver’s Guide

Does anybody love moving? I’d be very surprised if anyone answered yes. It’s stressful, time consuming, expensive…some might even say overwhelming. Now I want you to imagine your parents having to, not only move, but also downsize from the big 4-bedroom house where you grew up to a 2-bedroom condo.   Perhaps you mom or dad is moving to an assisted living community or maybe a room in your house. This is not an average move. Sorting through decades of family history and possessions can be paralyzing.

We can look at this situation many different ways. On the positive side, a move...

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Memory Care For Aging Adults: Recognize the Signs

There is a moment when you first wonder if a parent, or yourself for that matter, is suffering from some type of memory loss. Let me tell you it’s terrifying. You sit around and worry that it could be Alzheimer’s. In the medical field they call it cognitive impairment, but I’m not sure that does it justice. Dementia is a brutal condition for family members of the afflicted to witness.   It is progressive and insidious. A loved ones faculties are slowly ripped away until he or she can no longer function safely without medical care and finally hospitalization.

The good news...

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