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6501 Esplanade – Playa Del Rey

Very unique French Provincial Beach Pad. The layout of this lagoon front home has many opportunities. Zoned LAR3 the property offers 4 bedrooms, 4 baths. Living Room, Family Room, Dining Area and Private Patio which gives an indoor-outdoor living experience.

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The Importance of Giving Each Task its Needed Space

How did humanity get so BUSY?

Seriously, do you know anyone who’s not busy? Well, I’m sure you do, but I’m also sure you probably don’t respect that person much. Because in this day and age, we’ve hypnotized ourselves into thinking that success and busyness go hand in hand. The busy person is rocking and rolling. The busy person is out there in the world, in demand, getting stuff done.

But hold on just a second now…

I’m as busy as the next person. And I don’t know about you, but the busier I get, the less awesome I feel. I end up...

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Ever Have Those Moments When you Forget About your Job?

I’m not particularly proud of it, but I’ll admit it: Sometimes I forget about my job!

Let’s be clear about what I mean: I don’t mean I forget about it when I’m out dancing the night away. ‘Cause that’s just healthy. We can’t be work-work-work all the time.

And also: I don’t mean I’m suffering from some form of memory loss! No – thank goodness, I can still remember basic things like my name, my address, and What I Do For A Living.

What I’m referring to here are those moments of illumination when you realize that Your Job Is Just A Reflection...

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A New Dawn is Coming

I’m writing this post to let everybody know that MAJOR changes are afoot around here, in the realm of Toni Patillo…

As ever, at this time, I’m still committed to being a go-to leader in the SoCal Real Estate market. In addition, I should mention with gratitude that business is amazing. We’re in a supremely active market right now. On the one hand, inventory is super tight. But on the other hand, we’re swimming in a sea of buyers, actively seeking out properties. As a matter of course, those buyers are...

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Whatever you Seek, you Create

I am a firm believer that – not only in life but in business – whatever you seek, you create.

This is all about energy, and it’s a little tricky to wrap our minds around. Stated simply, when we place our energy and intentions upon a specific goal, the universe immediately springs into the process of making that goal come to fruition.

Now I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “But Toni! I’ve poured YEARS of my life into trying to make XYZ happen, but I’m getting nowhere!”

That’s a very human concern. Don’t be hard on yourself. And do not...

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154 W 56th Street, Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful two story Craftsman original character, unique duplex near USC, great upside potential. Lower unit is 3 bedroom, 1 bath, upper unit is 1 bedroom, 1 bath. Great investment property for the right Buyer. Lower unit has original hardwood floors and carpet, upper unit has carpet. Tenant occupied and will be delivered with tenants.

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Are You Selling Your Home? This Is My First Question For You…

Whenever I encounter a home seller, I always start off our conversation with a single powerful question:

What is motivating you to sell?

In other words, are you selling because you need to downsize? Are you selling because you’re looking to upgrade…perhaps to a larger home or a nicer neighborhood?

Perhaps the answer is that you’ve inherited property and you’re no longer interested in maintaining it. Therefore, perhaps you and your fellow heirs are still deciding whether to sell the property or rent it out.

Regardless, I want to know What Your Objective Is.

I want to know what’s most important to you.

Knowing WHY you...

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Pricing your Property Right

When it comes to selling a home, pricing isn’t everything. Presentation is always highly important. Pricing, however, is where the deal takes on its essential character. Pricing is where the rubber meets the road, and where the women get separated from the girls…

Rule #1 of home pricing is that your home must always be priced competitively. Now, I’ve seen a tendency among people to price high with the intention of negotiating downward. But the problem with that is, if you price too high, the market gets stale. In other words, you’ll find yourself standing around waiting for a sale…while prospective...

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Protecting your Family Legacy and Assets During these Uncertain Times


Have you taken measures to protect your assets?

Two leading experts — Senior Real Estate Specialist Toni Patillo and Legal Specialist Caprice Collins — can help you to navigate this process at our upcoming free event.

Come and get your questions answered. You will learn a wealth of information that will help you to keep your money and home safe, especially in light of all the new 2017 regulations. 

Save The Date!

May/23 – Westchester Loyola Village Library or…

May/25 – Denny’s Culver City

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