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Today’s Mortgage Rate… Lower Than Yesterday’s

Here is an article I read on DSNews today. These new figures from Freddie Mac are stunning. With rates already at their lowest in over a half of a century, one has to wonder how low will they go? Here is the article:

How low can we go? When it comes to mortgage rates, the floor keeps dropping. Industry reports released Thursday show that interest rates for home loans – already at their lowest marks in more than a half-century – dropped again this week.

Market analysis conducted by Freddie Mac found that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM)...

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House Bill Would Force Lenders to Decide on Short Sales in 45 Days

Here is some news I am passing on to you. It’s an article I was emailed last week that states a house bill would force lenders to decide on short sales in 45 days. Here is the full article:

Distressed homeowners looking for a way out of their mortgage that doesn’t involve foreclosure may find relief is on the way from a new bill introduced in the U.S. House.

The legislation would impose a deadline on lenders to respond to short sale requests, requiring them to return an answer to the borrower within 45 days.

The bipartisan bill, Prompt Decision...

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Should I buy a home now? 10 Reasons Why you should.

Everywhere I go people ask me these hot topic questions, should I buy a home now? Is this as low as the market is going to get? When will the real estate market bounce back? Is it going to bounce back?

I think that home ownership is a beautiful thing and I feel that everyone must look at their personal situation to decide whether to buy or not. But if you are looking to buy, now is a great time. Of course this is my personal opinion, but here is an article from the Wall Street Journal that backs my...

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KW Mega Camp

Hey all… I am currently at kw Mega Camp. I will post pictures and commentary when I get back, but in the mean time here is a video of the state of the company I found on youtube.

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Revival of the Federal Homebuyer Tax Credit?

Although there has been no sign that the Federal Homebuyer Tax Credit will be back for sure, there has been a buzz about it. I know that it would be welcomed with open arms after the downfall in home sales in July. Here is an article from

After a worse than expected falloff in home sales during the month of July, buzz about a possible revival of the federal homebuyer tax credit has begun to surface. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported last...

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Source DSNews: New Mortgage Disclosure and Compensation Rules

Good news for consumers from Note most of these rules don’t come into effect until 2011. While this is a good step in the right direction for consumer protection, just note that you need to be educated and well informed when making life changing decisions. We are here to help guide and educate you in life’s big decisions. Here is the article:

The U.S. Federal Reserve on Monday published a long list of new rules intended to protect consumers from what the central bank...

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Drake & Alicia Keys – Fireworks

Did you know if you click the “playlist” tag found on the bottom of this post you will have a playlist to groove out to at work, home, or on your mobile phone.

Off of Drake’s highly anticipated album Thank Me Later here is “Fireworks” featuring Alicia Keys. I just felt it to be fitting with the 4th of July this weekend. Enjoy!

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World Cup Venue

I am not real big on soccer, but I do enjoy the competitiveness that spawns from nations coming together and playing their hearts out. Similar to how I don’t really care about Curling, but when the Olympics come around I am glued to the TV set. With USA winning Group C, there will be a few grudge matches this weekend. First you will have the United States vs. Ghana on Saturday, and England vs Germany on Sunday. Now you could just watch these matches from...

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