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Drake & Alicia Keys – Fireworks

Did you know if you click the “playlist” tag found on the bottom of this post you will have a playlist to groove out to at work, home, or on your mobile phone.

Off of Drake’s highly anticipated album Thank Me Later here is “Fireworks” featuring Alicia Keys. I just felt it to be fitting with the 4th of July this weekend. Enjoy!

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World Cup Venue

I am not real big on soccer, but I do enjoy the competitiveness that spawns from nations coming together and playing their hearts out. Similar to how I don’t really care about Curling, but when the Olympics come around I am glued to the TV set. With USA winning Group C, there will be a few grudge matches this weekend. First you will have the United States vs. Ghana on Saturday, and England vs Germany on Sunday. Now you could just watch these matches from...

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Stress Not, Tax Credit Extended, Source

If you were under contract by April 30th you have until September 30th to close not June 30th as previously stated. Good news for those worried that they would not make the deadline. Here is the full article from

The U.S. Senate has passed an amendment that would extend the closing deadline of the homebuyer tax credit by three months.

Right now, qualifying homebuyers who were under contract by April 30 have until June 30 to close the deal. But because of the large volume of applications for lenders to process, concerns have begun to surface that some buyers may...

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Bank of America to pay 108 Million to Countrywide Borrowers

Bank of America is to pay 108 MILLION dollars in settlements to about 200,000 borrowers. It was officially announced Monday by the Federal Trade Commission. Bank of America purchased Countrywide in July 2008. Countrywide was infamous for making risky loans to homeowners during the boom years.

Countrywide hit borrowers who were behind on their mortgages with fees of several thousand dollars at times. The fees were for such services as property...

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New Perspective

Here is a video that was featured on Yahoo earlier this week. Dean Baker presciently called the housing bubble when he published “The Run-up in Home Prices: Is It Real or Is It Another Bubble?” in 2002. Do you think he will be two for two on calling the housing market?

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60 Minutes: Walking Away

Watch CBS News Videos Online

This was on 60 minutes last night. Very interesting. I feel it finally put a narrative on a lot of people’s feelings about their own mortgages. I personally get all kinds of inquiries in regards to information on loss mitigation solutions, whether it is reinstating the mortgage, a forbearance agreement, a loan modification, a repayment plan, a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or a short sale agreement. If you want more information and a personalized solution give me a call at 310.482.2035. I am here to help...

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Cool Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Is your mom a little bit cooler than the next? Does she like cashmere? If you have answered yes to any of these questions or if you just like a good sale you’re in luck. Just in time for Mother’s Day...

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