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Favorable Conditions For Sellers On The Venice Real Estate Market

Are you considering selling your home on the Venice real estate market? Now may be the best time to do so for a number of reasons. Venice real estate agents say the market is heating up and they’d like to tell you why you should list your home as soon as possible to take advantage of these conditions.

Currently, the Venice real estate market is seeing close to a 30% increase year over year in home values; this is higher than most of the other major cities in Southern California and also makes it a prime time for you to cash in on your Venice real estate investment. The average sale price for homes selling on the Venice real estate market is almost $1.2 million, which is a 44% increase year over year, this, too, is much higher than many of the other cities in the Los Angeles area.

Another major reason to consider listing your home on the Venice real estate market right now is because inventory is currently down; with a limited number of homes for buyers to choose from, you can ensure that you will get top dollar for your home. Some Venice real estate agents are even saying that their homeowners are sometimes receiving offers higher than their selling prices because of this.

If you are considering selling your home on the Venice real estate market and want to take advantage of increasing home values and a decreased inventory, Venice real estate agents want you to contact them. There’s no telling when the Venice real estate market will change, so it’s best to take advantage of favorable market conditions when they’re available to you. Get your home ready to sell and contact a Venice real estate agent when you are ready to get the process started.

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