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Additional Resources for Probate Sellers

Additional Resources for Probate Sellers

California Probate Code
Click on California Probate Code, above, to go to the Table of Contents (ToC) page for the California Probate Code, which appears on the official site for California legislative information, maintained by the Legislative Counsel of California. Clickable links on the ToC allow you to view the text in each Part of the Code.

CAR Real Estate Disclosure Chart

Probate, trust and conservatorship real estate sales require special disclosures and listing agreements. The California Association of Realtors updates its disclosure chart each year. To obtain a copy of the most current version of the California Association of Realtors Disclosure Chart, please contact us at 310-482-2035.

Attorney List

If you are looking for an attorney to assist you with your probate, trust or conservatorship needs, LA City Probate would be happy to provide you with a referral list. Email us directly at or call 310-482-2035.