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Short Sale

Is This You?

  • Are you facing foreclosure?
  • Are you trapped making a house payment that you just can afford to pay?
  • Do you need to move, but owe more than your home is worth?
  • Are you facing divorce, but can’t sell your underwater home?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a short sale could be the answer.

Knowledge Drop:
Short Sale
When a homeowner decides to complete a short sale, they will sell their current property for less than what they currently owe on the property. The short sale process will involve the homeowner needing to provide their lender with all of the required documentation.

The homeowners will also have to prove they are currently in a hardship. There are certain forms needed to fill out to prove there is a legitimate hardship.

The first step in any short sale is deciding if a short sale is necessary. Use our Break Even Calculator below to figure out if your home is underwater.

Step 1: Break Even Calculator