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Let’s Exercise: Safe and Simple Exercises For Mom and Dad

I’ve watched people in my life get lazy, get unhealthy, get sick and pass on. There are no words to describe the frustration. You want to scream at your loved one “take care of yourself!” but there’s nothing you can do.  The challenge is that once someone gets to a certain age and/or lack of mobility, it feels impossible to start an exercise fitness program. Well, it’s not.

Here are some tips that can help an aging loved one feel more secure and optimistic as they take on the world of health and wellness.

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Find the Best, Fire the Rest: A Path To Your Perfect Coach

Perhaps you’ve noticed the incredible amount of business and life coaches available these days. They sell their services online, through social media, at seminars etc. ad al ad nauseam. After all, I am a business and life coach. It’s why I take this particular topic so seriously. So today let’s talk about how to find the right coach for you.

Don’t get me wrong; a lot of the coaches out there do great work. The challenge is that it’s not just about finding a qualified coach, it’s also crucial to find one that vibes with you on a personal level. This...

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Unburden Your Family, Plan For Long-Term Care Before You Need It

I’ve ben working in the Above 50 market for many years and I love it. I love helping clients through a difficult time of transition and I love training other professionals to do the same. So here’s a bit of clarity I had while I was driving to an appointment yesterday. Without exception, no one wants to be a burden on their family when their health declines. In fact, the stress of not being prepared in advance can actually speed the decline when it begins. I’m serious, I’ve seen it.   That’s why today I want to talk about how to...

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So You’re The Executor of Your Parent’s Estate

First things first, you should know in advance if you are named as the executor of any estate. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how little thought is given to something so simple. So, ask your parents whom they are naming. If they haven’t thought about it, initiate the conversation.   Then decide if you want the responsibility.

What does an Executor Do? 

An Executor is legally responsible for protecting the assets of the decedent, or deceased, until the probate process is completed and the assets are disbursed. This is a good news bad news kind of thing. The good...

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Indications That An Elder Loved One Needs Help

Life is busy. Too busy to worry about our elder loved ones. You know how it goes.  You wake up, get the kids fed, dressed and ready for school. Maybe you drop them off at school, maybe they take the bus and you head straight to work.   It’s a long, stressful day. You come home to a loud house, make dinner and/or help with homework get the kids fed, bathed and into bed. God willing, you get an hour to watch your favorite show or snuggle with your honey, before you crash. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Who has the...

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Are Dug Prescriptions Killing Your Parents? Eldercare Gone Awry:

When was the last time you went rummaging through your parents medicine cabinet? I know, they like their privacy. Fair enough…until you accidentally get a glimpse of the pharmacy they keep in there. Now the fact that they’re engaged with their own health is a good thing as long as everyone is on the same page. Here’s why?

Side Effects

Medications have side effects. How many times have you watched a drug commercial and thought, “My God, the side effects are worse than...

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Safely Assisting An Aging Loved One Up After A Fall

Let me be clear here. You should only attempt to help an aging adult up if they have NOT been injured.   In the event they have been hurt, call 911 immediately. That being said, let’s assume they have NOT been injured, to all my loving caregivers I say BEWARE. In this challenging situation you must take care that they, or you, are not injured during the process of helping them to their feet.

Below are some general guidelines that can help keep both you and your loved one safe and injury free.

Steps for Helping An Aging Loved One After A...

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Are Your Aging Parents Keeping Secrets?

That doesn’t sound so bad, right? I mean your aging parents have certainly earned their privacy. Why not let them keep a few harmless secrets?   Well what if it’s a secret regarding their health or how they’re being treated? You could be operating under a completely false assumption that everything’s fine. Maybe you won’t uncover the truth until the real damage has already been done.

Sometimes an aging family member will feel their independence slipping away. Maybe they fear their loved ones reaction. Perhaps they’re just embarrassed. You won’t know the answer until you sit down and have a frank discussion.


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Keep Your Aging Loved One Connected: Technology in the Above 50 Market

Why, why, why do I push technology on you and your aging loved ones? Well, the fact is that staying connected can provide a much higher quality of life for those in the above 50 aging market.  Think about it. What if he or she had access to pre-loaded apps for diet and exercise monitoring or alerts for taking their medication? Would that improve their health? How about social media? Do you think that they might feel more connected to family members when they can see pictures and trade messages with them?

The truth is that our population is getting older...

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