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Venice Short Sale Agents Explain Parties Involved In A Short Sale

Recently we had the privilege of speaking with some veteran Venice short sale agents about different parties that are involved in a short sale. They stated that often times homeowners can get confused with the many different people that are involved in the short sale process, so today the goal that we’ve set forth for Venice short sale agents is to clear up any confusion that you may have.

One of the most common confusions, say Venice short sale agents, is between the lender, the servicer and the investor. At times, the same financial institution can be all three, but...

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Real Estate Investing with Short Sales

Now is the time for folks who can take advantage of today’s real estate market to beef up their investment portfolios with short sales. Banks are closing them faster than ever before and, from start to finish, it’s not as painful anymore. There are plenty to choose from, and short sale homes make good investments because they are priced at or below market. As a general rule, short sales take a little longer to buy than the foreclosed homes (but not always) and they are in much better condition most of the time....

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