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So You’re The Executor of Your Parent’s Estate

First things first, you should know in advance if you are named as the executor of any estate. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how little thought is given to something so simple. So, ask your parents whom they are naming. If they haven’t thought about it, initiate the conversation.   Then decide if you want the responsibility.

What does an Executor Do? 

An Executor is legally responsible for protecting the assets of the decedent, or deceased, until the probate process is completed and the assets are disbursed. This is a good news bad news kind of thing. The good...

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How To Avoid The Problems Of Inheriting Wealth

It’s the worst time to talk about finances. You’ve lost a loved one. You’re grieving, you’re consoling other family members and there are arrangements to be made. The last thing you want to deal with is what you may or may not be inheriting. Especially because you know it could lead to conflict if it’s not properly spelled out.

It get’s even worse. Are you inheriting your parent’s house or other properties? Well prepare yourself for things to get incredibly complicated. The fact is Boomers are expected to inherit $8.4 trillion with a large portion being in Read more

Dementia: The Plague of the Above 50 Market

The Plague… sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is no joke. Nearly 50 million people globally are living with some form of dementia.   4 out of 5 of these victims have Alzheimer’s and the cost of caring for just one of them is estimated at $60,000 per year. Do I have your attention?

As a Real Estate professional specializing in the Above 50 market, I am keenly aware of the burden families and friends must carry for their loved ones. I have spent quite a lot of my time coaching, assisting, recommending...

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Hacking Real Estate Agents & Their Clients: The Perfect Crime

All right here we go, the topic no one wants to talk about yet it terrifies everyone.   I’m talking about digital identity fraud. It’s a crime that’s difficult to detect, perpetrated by criminals who are rarely caught and it can be devastating to the victim.   So what can we do? How can we defend ourselves from criminals looking to virtually dip into our pockets via our emails, bank accounts and other safe-havens?

The first thing is to understand the nature of the crime.   Let’s start with how the horrid hackers enter our digital world.

Phishing – Have you ever gotten an urgent...

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Ever Have Those Moments When you Forget About your Job?

I’m not particularly proud of it, but I’ll admit it: Sometimes I forget about my job!

Let’s be clear about what I mean: I don’t mean I forget about it when I’m out dancing the night away. ‘Cause that’s just healthy. We can’t be work-work-work all the time.

And also: I don’t mean I’m suffering from some form of memory loss! No – thank goodness, I can still remember basic things like my name, my address, and What I Do For A Living.

What I’m referring to here are those moments of illumination when you realize that Your Job Is Just A Reflection...

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A New Dawn is Coming

I’m writing this post to let everybody know that MAJOR changes are afoot around here, in the realm of Toni Patillo…

As ever, at this time, I’m still committed to being a go-to leader in the SoCal Real Estate market. In addition, I should mention with gratitude that business is amazing. We’re in a supremely active market right now. On the one hand, inventory is super tight. But on the other hand, we’re swimming in a sea of buyers, actively seeking out properties. As a matter of course, those buyers are...

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Are You Selling Your Home? This Is My First Question For You…

Whenever I encounter a home seller, I always start off our conversation with a single powerful question:

What is motivating you to sell?

In other words, are you selling because you need to downsize? Are you selling because you’re looking to upgrade…perhaps to a larger home or a nicer neighborhood?

Perhaps the answer is that you’ve inherited property and you’re no longer interested in maintaining it. Therefore, perhaps you and your fellow heirs are still deciding whether to sell the property or rent it out.

Regardless, I want to know What Your Objective Is.

I want to know what’s most important to you.

Knowing WHY you...

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Pricing your Property Right

When it comes to selling a home, pricing isn’t everything. Presentation is always highly important. Pricing, however, is where the deal takes on its essential character. Pricing is where the rubber meets the road, and where the women get separated from the girls…

Rule #1 of home pricing is that your home must always be priced competitively. Now, I’ve seen a tendency among people to price high with the intention of negotiating downward. But the problem with that is, if you price too high, the market gets stale. In other words, you’ll find yourself standing around waiting for a sale…while prospective...

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Focus in Real Estate

Shift your Focus – Change Your State Change Your Life

Teachings by Anthony Robbins

This could be the greatest time you ever lived if you control what you focus on – If you find a more empowering meaning and if you decide to model the actions of those that succeeded before you. It can be the best financial time, the best emotional time, the best spiritual time of your life. But you better take Control of your State –
What does the mean? Taking Control of Your State –...

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Intention in Real Estate

How to Create an Intention?

Below are 8 essential elements, or ingredients, to create powerful intentions:

  1. Meaningful to You

    Intentions are what you want to manifest. Authentic and powerful intentions do not try to manipulate or control others or their behavior. Nor do they wish for something to be different than the way it is. You accept what is and step into the opportunity to create what you want! Your intention is YOUR call to action- “I am…”, “My intention is…”. “I now..”, etc.
    A meaningful intention...

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