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Why Your Home Is Not Selling: Real Estate Problem Solving

Let me guess, your home (or your client’s home) has been on the market for a few months. You’ve made some upgrades, held open houses and still it sits on the market. Maybe you’ve gotten a few offers, but they were underwhelming to say the least. Your home is not selling.  What the heck is going on?


Well, here’s the biggie. The biggest challenge I see happens when the market is hot. Sellers expect to get over top dollar for their property. See if this sounds familiar, a bunch of people tell you that now’s the time to Read more

Completing A FSBO Just Isn’t In The Cards

Before putting their home on the market so homeowners considering forgoing the help of a realtor and try to tell their homes on their own, known as a For Sale by OWner (FSBO). For a number of homeowners, this simply isn’t the best idea. Real estate agents, and perhaps even sellers that have previously attempted a FSBO, will tell you to save yourself the hassle of...

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Selling? Why You Should Absolutely Use An Agent


Many homeowners looking to sell wish they didn’t have to pay real estate commissions while at the same time avoiding hassles with paperwork and profiting the most off the sale of their home. Maybe in a perfect world this would be possible, however many homeowners have a bigger priority over making money and that’s simply getting their property sold. In order to do this, many homeowners know that working with an experienced real estate agent is a must; after working with a real estate...

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Five Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Sell


Have you found yourself questioning whether or not now is a good time to sell your home? Perhaps you’ve heard that it is from a number of different sources but are still wondering if you shouldn’t wait until things improve more in your area or you have more equity in your home. Only you, the homeowner can truly decide when the right time to sell is, however here are five reasons as to...

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Want Less Competition When Selling?

Home sellers have had a hard enough time lately when trying to sell their home, what with having to compete with a surplus of foreclosure and short sale properties on the market, as well as decreased property values on their own homes. Throughout the nation the housing market is greatly improving however thanks to several different reasons, such as the number of distressed properties on inventory dropping drastically. While this reason, along with an increase in potential buyers and rising property values, make it a great time to sell...

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Think You’ll Save Money When You ‘For Sale By Owner’? Think Again

If you or someone you know has ever considered completing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) on their property, it’s highly likely the main reason was to save themselves money. The thought of not having to pay a realtor their commissions and fees and just selling your home on your own can be an enticing one, but the truth of the matter is, you’re not really saving money at all; a vast majority of the time completing a FSBO can actually cost...

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Should You List Your Home under Venice Short Sales?

When there comes a time when you cannot make loan payments on your home, you have to decide whether you should list your home under Venice short sales. It can be a difficult decision to make because there are many pros and cons to Venice short sales.
When deciding if you are going to list your home as one of the many Venice short sales, consider how soon you would like to get into a new home. In a foreclosure, you cannot purchase another home for seven years. With Venice short sales, you could be eligible to buy a home...

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Accurate Pricing Key To Selling Your Home

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you’re in luck because throughout the nation the housing market is on the rebound. Over the past year selling prices have increased and the inventory of distressed properties is decreasing, meaning that sellers wanting to complete a traditional sale don’t have to worry about the fear of a foreclosure or short sale listing trumping theirs. Just because the number of distressed properties selling for a lower price is dwindling, however, doesn’t mean that sellers should increase the listing price of their...

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Santa Monica Real Estate Market Is Healthy Once Again

Do you want to list your home on the Santa Monica real estate market but are worried about what condition it is in? Santa Monica real estate agents want you to know that the market is once again a seller’s market and that now is a great time for you to list your home. Statistically speaking, percentages are increasing across the board when it comes to home values, listing prices, selling prices and number of homes sold. The Santa...

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