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Practical Eldercare Home Safety Tips

When was the last time you took a good look at your elder loved ones home? If it’s been a while, I want you to imagine what it’s like for him and/or her to spend 60% – 70% of their day navigating their home in it’s current state. Do you see the pitfalls? Can you recognize the potential dangers? 90% of older Americans want to age in place, but that means staying vigilant. There are many changes eldercare professionals whom I work with recommend to create a safer environment in your loved ones home. They range from no cost to...

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Eldercare and Legal Issues of an Incapacitated Loved One

This is a tough one. It breaks my heart when I see families unable to come to grips with the incapacity of a loved one. I really feel for them. I’ve been through it. Eldercare and legal issues can be overwhelming especially when you don’t want to believe incapacity is happening to someone you love. Unfortunately, inaction can be costly.

First thing I recommend is to gather your family members together and have a conversation. Discuss what a diagnosis of onset dementia or Alzheimer’s might look like for everyone involved. Convince the potentially afflicted loved one that it’s time to consult...

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Don’t Lose Your Senses As You Age, We Only Have 5 of Them

Well it’s happening, I’m seeing signs of my age… and I don’t like it. Of course, who does? But the reality is that nature has a very effective way of reminding us. Our senses dull, pun intended. We only have 5 senses and the order in which they go depends largely on genetics, but also on the life we’ve led. For example, let’s say you are (or were) a construction worker for the city.   What do you suspect would be the first sense to go? It might be your hearing, especially if you’re working a lot outside with heavy machinery.


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Dementia: The Plague of the Above 50 Market

The Plague… sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is no joke. Nearly 50 million people globally are living with some form of dementia.   4 out of 5 of these victims have Alzheimer’s and the cost of caring for just one of them is estimated at $60,000 per year. Do I have your attention?

As a Real Estate professional specializing in the Above 50 market, I am keenly aware of the burden families and friends must carry for their loved ones. I have spent quite a lot of my time coaching, assisting, recommending...

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A New Dawn is Coming

I’m writing this post to let everybody know that MAJOR changes are afoot around here, in the realm of Toni Patillo…

As ever, at this time, I’m still committed to being a go-to leader in the SoCal Real Estate market. In addition, I should mention with gratitude that business is amazing. We’re in a supremely active market right now. On the one hand, inventory is super tight. But on the other hand, we’re swimming in a sea of buyers, actively seeking out properties. As a matter of course, those buyers are...

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Protecting your Family Legacy and Assets During these Uncertain Times


Have you taken measures to protect your assets?

Two leading experts — Senior Real Estate Specialist Toni Patillo and Legal Specialist Caprice Collins — can help you to navigate this process at our upcoming free event.

Come and get your questions answered. You will learn a wealth of information that will help you to keep your money and home safe, especially in light of all the new 2017 regulations. 

Save The Date!

May/23 – Westchester Loyola Village Library or…

May/25 – Denny’s Culver City

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Santa Monica Real Estate Decision Made Easier Thanks To Free Tool

For homeowners who are struggling with the decision of what to do with there Santa Monica Real Estate it helps to have as much information about your home as possible. The most important information you can accure is the current value of your home. Thanks to a free tool available on the Toni Patillo and Associates website you can learn about your homes value and much more in order to make your decision that much easier.


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Facing Divorce And Need A Venice Realtor To Help You Short Sale?

If you have felt the financial stress of the poor economy and are facing divorce you may be worred about what is going to happen to your home. Neither you nor your spouse can afford to pay the mortgage on your own and you’re pretty sure that you owe more than what it is currently worth. Venice realtor Toni Patillo wants you to know that many lenders will approve a short sale on your property if you’re going through a divorce.

If a short sale is something you feel you...

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Questions To Ask Your Venice Realtor When Looking For Probate Help

Are you looking for a Venice realtor to help you with your probate sale? The team at Toni Patillo & Associates want you to know that probate sales can be difficult but that isn’t cause for alarm. If you work with a Venice realtor that has plenty of experience with probate sales, the process should pretty much be stress-free. Today we’d like to outline some of the questions you should ask a Venice realtor to find out if they have the probate experience you want and need to complete you...

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